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Penelope Torribio's marionette and shadow puppet adaptation of the Ramayana. Background by U Zaw Roe, Mandalay, Myanmar artist.

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‘Ruler of the World’ Marionette and Shadow Puppet Adaptation of “The Ramayana.”

University of Arizona Letter of Recognition for Penelope's marionette and shadow puppet adaptation of The Ramayana.


Ramayana is a living story, Penelope's marionette and shadow puppet adaptation of the Ramayana

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vitramitra from Penelope Torribio's Ramayana

Dancer from Penelope Torribio's CollectionDancer from Penelope Torribio’s 1 World Puppets

Penelope performing in Fortune Teller Village S. India

Fortune Teller Village, S. India, Penelope Torribio, 1 World Puppets

Students of Traditional Burmese Puppetry, National University of Arts and Culture, Penelope's visit

Penelope at the Mandalay Theater in Burma with her marionette of Ravana
Penelope Performing at the Mandalay Marionette Theater English Student Class

Penelope's 1 World Puppets in Thailand.Penelope performing at a Thialand School

Penelope Torribio with Ma Ma Naing, the Queen of Mandalay MarionettesPenelope Torribio with Ma Ma Naing, the Queen of Mandalay Marionettes

Penelope Torribio getting tips on marionettes the Burmese Way from the famous, Ma Ma Naing, Queen of the Burmese Marionettes.

Penelope Torribio in Burma at the National University of Cultural Arts.

Penelope and Gerry Torribio with students from the Mandalay,
National University of Cultural Arts-teaching traditional art forms of Burma.

Penelope Torribio
Educator, Singer-songwriter, Author, Photographer
 Master Puppeteer with Over 600 Puppets.


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Interactive Ecological Musical Puppet Shows
where the audience become the puppeteers

Rain Forest
Under Sea
Mixed Ecology
Space Ecology

interactive puppet display.

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