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Penelope Meets Many Myanmar (Burmese) Puppeteer, 2017

Many of my marionettes come from Burma now called Myanmar. The story is a long an interesting one that has to do with politics and the actual outlawing of puppetry in Burma. I will tell this story soon.  But in Feb and March of this year, 2017, I finally got to travel to Burma and meet puppet makers, puppet manipulators, puppet schools, puppet musicians and puppet dancers. I now have many friends in Burma, particularly in the arts and I have an appreciation of the difference in the way I work the Burmese puppets and the way they do. I need to practice that is for sure.  Here are a few slide shows of Mr. Aung, near Inle Lake, Mr. Twe and his family marionettes, and the noted Queen of Myanmar Puppetry and now my good friend, Ma Ma Naing.  I will be putting true videos up soon so you can see their puppetry.


Mandalay Marionette Tour USA, April 2017

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