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Penelope on the Irawaddy River, Myanmar

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Penelope Torribio is a master puppeteer. Torribio includes in her extensive puppet collection of over 600 puppets all kinds of puppets: shadow, rod, marionette, found puppets and vent figures. She teaches puppet making, puppet manipulation and writing for puppets. She has traveled around the world performing for thousands of people and learning from  puppeteers from other countries. Recently she has developed relationships with many puppeteers in Burma (Myanmar) where many of S. E. Asian puppets originated.  Please visit the Myanmar page for delightful videos of her trip.

Penelope is an educator with  B.A.s and credentials in English, Communication Arts, and special education.  She has an M.A. in Behavior Transformation.  It was during her years of teaching teens and children in danger to themselves or others that she discovered the magic of puppets to transform behavior and to educate, especially to improve writing and oral communications. Upon discovery of the effectiveness of puppets in behavior transformation she researched puppets and the brain and has presented several times at the Brain Expo in San Diego.  The other tool for transformation was to increase knowledge and caring for our earth.  All of her puppet scripts have something to do with ecology.  If you can teach really troubled kids and teens to care for the earth-it is easier to get them to care for themselves and others is her creed.

Penelope is a singer-songwriter with numerous albums, many coming directly from her ecological musical puppet shows.
The Rain is Coming, songs in the voices of rain forest animals
Under the Blue Blue Sea, songs in the voices of ocean animals
Dinosaur Dance, How Not to Become Extinct, ecological and character songs
Out in Outer Space, space ecology songs
Guardians of the Earth, ecology songs for young chiudlren
Sing the Calendar Songs, month and holiday songs

Einstein in My Garden, Photos and Reflections on Bugs
The Magic in You, from vacant lot to community garden
Never Get Too Close to a Fish, a story to help talk about the death of a pet for young children.

Videos Take Ten with Nature, 10 Minute Relaxation Videos for Children and Adults
Bugs and Those Who Love Them

Oceans and Those Who Love Them
Birds and Those Who Love Them
Water Birds and Those Who Love Them
Reptiles and Those Who Love Them
Flowers and Those Who Love Them


Below are several interviews about the beginning of Penelope’s Torribio puppetry
with kids in danger to themselves or others and her vision of teaching
physics with puppets.

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