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                        Part 1~Intro to the Ramayana- to the marriage of Rama and Sita

        The Ramayana Part 2,  Rama’s Banishment to
the death of Ravana.



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Ramayana is a living story, Penelope's marionette and shadow puppet adaptation of the Ramayana

Rod Puppets, Rama and SitaGod Dwells in the heart of all beings…they God dwells in thy heart.
And the power of wonder moves all things-
puppets in a play of shadows
whirling them on-wards in the stream of time.
-section of the Mahabarata, ancient Hindu epic.

“The Ramayana is based on the propagation of an ideal; for individual, social, political, religion, ethics, and morality. It serves as a source of inspiration for creative art. It inspires one and all to lead a noble life.”

Penelope adaptation of the Ramayana is called, “Ruler of the World.”  Ms. Torribio spent many years in preparation for this family oriented story, reading the Paranas, the Vedas, the Mahabarata, and many versions of the Ramayana.  Though it has some modern references
it is a based on the principals in the sacred literature.

Whether it is a talk, a display, a demonstration or a marionette and shadow puppet show of the Ramayana—your audience will be enlightened and charmed by this important and beloved story. Penelope has performed in India, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar as well as temples, museums, universities, art galleries and events throughout S. California and beyond.


Below are a few photos and videos from Penelope Torribio’s 1 World Puppet Display and Shows

Some past performances: Arizona University, Cal Poly Art Center, Santa Barbara Art Museum, Bowers Museum, University of La Verne,  Santan Dharma Hindu Temple, Mandir Temple, Urvine, USC Ramayana Day, Pacific Asian Museum, Month of Puppetry, Pomona Art Gallery.

We can’t thank you enough for the marvelous display of your marionettes for our Ramayana day, your story telling was absolutely superb. We had such an enthusiastic response from our many friends and visitors. Many of them had never seen anything like it and it was an experience that will be remembered.

Pacific Asian Museum, Mary Shanon

Penelope performing in Indian fortune teller village.
Ravana from the Ramayana puppet show by Penelope Torribio
News Article on Penelope's show at Cal Poly Art Center, Pomona

Penelope's 1 world puppets for the Ramayana

Penelope performing sample of her show at the Southern Cal Burmese Association, 2017
Penelope Torribio giving sample marionette show and display at the Southern California Burmese and Chinese Association, 2017

Penelope at the University of La Verne, California
News article Puppets tell tales
horse puppets Penelope's Ramayana

“I wanted to thank you personally for your stunning contribution to our recent Wayang and Beyond: The performing Arts in Southeast Asia outreach conference… We so often struggle with making so-called esoteric knowledge such as the Ramayana and it’s art forms accessible to students. You succeed brilliantly.”

James Rush, Program Coordinator for Southeast Asian Studies, Arizona University.

Shadow Puppet Stage
News article Times, on Penelope Torribio's Ramayana
Vitra Mitra, great teacher in the Ramayana, Penelope Torribio puppeteer.
Puppet Display from Penelope Torribio's collection

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