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Puppets from around the world,
Interactive Displays
Event Speaker
Penelope’s marionette and shadow puppet show
of the “Ramayana,” a South East Asian Epic.
Ruler of the World


1 World Puppets offers S. E. Asian Puppet Displays,
Speaking Events or The marionette and shadow
puppets show. Please call for information and help
on deciding what is best for your event.


Garuda Marionette from Myanmar, 2017

1 World Music and Puppets

The Rain is Coming, interactive ecological musical

 Ecological Musical Puppet Shows Where The Audience Becomes The Puppeteer
Interactive Display for festivals and Events
Puppet Manipulation or Puppet Making Workshops
Writing for Puppets


1 World Music and Puppets, ecological interactive musical puppet shows
where the audience becomes the puppeteers
The Rain is Coming, rain forest musical
Under the Blue Blue Sea, Ocean ecology musical
Out in Outer Space, space ecology musical
Mixed ecology show, rain, sea, space, dinosaurs
Festival interactive display, gives attendees a chance to try various puppets
Ventriloquism workshops, puppet manipulation workshops
writing for puppets, teaching with puppets, never under estimate a sac workshop.
Contact Penelope 909.239.7973 for information on pricing, shows and festivals

Penelope Torribio 909.239.7973 penelope1world@mac.com

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