Penelope Torribio’s 1 World Music and Puppets

Interactive Ecological Puppet Shows:
Rain Forest
Ocean Ecology
Space Ecology
Mixed Ecology
Farm Animal

Interactive Displays for Festivals and Events
Puppet workshops, Manipulations and Making puppets

Penelope made puppets at festival.

                    Puppet making workshop

Penelope Torribio puppets from Out in Outer Space, space ecology puppet showPuppets from Out in Outer Space

Skirball Interactive Puppet Display, 1 World Music and Puppets
Skirball 1 World Music and Puppets Interactive Puppet Display

Penelope with Sloth puppet and guitarPenelope with sloth puppet and guitar,

Teens are the best audiences for family festivalsAnaheim Family Art Fair

Boy with shark puppet

Boy with Blue Monster PuppetMonster Puppet Skirball Museum, Los Angeles,

Rain Forest Puppet show, Shriner's Children's Hospital        Shriners Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles

Sample Puppets Made by Penelope Torribio

Penelope Torribio's Teen Puppet Making workshop Covered in Newspaper Teen Puppet Workshop

Mummy Puppet made by Penelope Torribio
Mummy puppet by Penelope Torribio

Skating Witch Puppet made by Penelope TorribioSkating Witch Puppet by Penelope Torribio

Scarecrow puppet made by Penelope TorribioScarecrow Puppet by Penelope Torribio

Penelope with Sloth puppet and guitarSloth puppet by Penelope

Penelope Torribio puppets from Out in Outer Space, space ecology puppet showRat puppet by Penelope

Made by Penelope Dinosaur and Nassim Haramein, physicist                                                                              Dinosaur Puppet and Nassim Haramein by Penelope

Santa and Deer Puppet Made by Penelope TorribioDeer and Santa Claus Puppet made by Penelope

Rain Forest Puppet show, Shriner's Children's Hospital       Spider and aunt eater made by Penelope

Penelope Torribio’s very first musical puppet show, The Grass is Green.  It has been staged several times during the years
by children in schools with mask or puppets and in this case for Mt. Sac video department.  It has character songs.

This video demonstrates that puppets are appreciated by all ages.  This one features
Elvis, a Chimpanzee.

Penelope Teaches Literacy Through Puppets

We loved how you mix education with entertainment in your author’s day presentations. The Students loved being on stage.



Hudson School Long Beach Author’s Festival.

Organizers, Long Beach Author's Day Festival

“Penelope has been an asset to our signature event “Car-Ni-Fair” held at Shriners Hospital for children in Los Angeles for 5 years! She brings a wealth of entertainment, education and fun for the children who attend our events.” “Your presentation was voted “best activity” for our event by other participants.”

Lee Ann Butler-Owens,

Director Lullelee Publications., Shriners' Hospital for the Los Angeles and The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.

The family and especially the children loved your puppet presentations and interactive
puppet display.  You event brought in many people from the surrounding cities of Pomona.  Thank you for sharing your puppet and musical talents.

Glenn Horton

Founder, AHA! Artist, Community and the Arts

Thank you Penelope for hosting the children’s music and puppet session for our Women in Music Festival. It looks like even the adults had a great time in this area. Wish I could have spent more time with you and the kids and the other children performers you lined up. Your adult performance of your country musicwas appreciated as well.

Gillie Moon

Founder of Songs Alive, songwriters organization, Los Angeles Women's Music Festival